Thursday, November 4, 2010

Announcing November

Will pumpkin be served at the next DeBo?

We can’t believe it, but on Saturday 13th November we will be hosting our penultimate Cooking Your Calendar dinner party. Is it just us, or has 2010 just evaporated before our eyes? We know that time flies when you are having fun, but this is downright spooky (or was that Halloween, which we celebrated at the end of October - see pic attached). It's officially "silly season" again. To usher in the pre-Christmas partying madness (that we all know starts on Melbourne Cup Day…) we are heading down to Daniel’s dad’s beach house on the South Coast to make the most of its beautiful beachside location.

This month we are cooking two of Margot De Bortoli's recipes, Salmon Mascarpone & Dill Crepes and Spinach and Filo Tarts which we will serve as appetizers alongside De Bortoli’s Rococo Blanc de Blanc. Both recipes look delicious and thankfully easy to prepare so we aren’t predicting any major stumbles this month. After that, we’ll be cooking a big eclectic BBQ with a variety of different side-dishes and salads. Joining us will be an equally eclectic group of friends who we'll introduce you to in the wash-up for next Saturday's big event. If the weather is sunny it might just turn into a beach party so don't forget the board shorts and bikinis. Oh, and fake tan. See you next week!

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