Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Announcing December... And the Rosé Revolution

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This evening we are not just announcing our final December cook-up, we're also getting aboard the De Bortoli Rosé Revolution. Which means the good folk at De Bortoli mailed us a Rosé Trio Trail Pack and we agreed to get on Twitter and spruik the hell out of it. We all know social networking and drinking go hand in hand. How many times have we tweeted or status-updated fascinating insights into the human condition, that in the cold sober light of the day after are, in reality, embarrassing reminders never to mix alcohol and technology. "Don't text and drive", as they say. (And if you do, quickly delete the evidence the next day).

Meanwhile, as we spend the evening drinking complimentary rosé and discussing life and love in 140 characters or less, we'd also like to announce that, just around the corner, is our final dinner party for our Cooking Your Calendar project. Yes, December will be Magic Again, as Kate Bush once said. And that "magic" will be in the guise of what promises to be a delicious dish by Tim Keenan called Quail Saltimbocca with Sicilian Eggplant Caponata. Stay tuned as we hail quail in the coming week, and meanwhile strike a rosé.

If Kate says "December will be Magic Again", you better believe it.

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