Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Desserts

Well, we promised we would post the recipe for the Deconstructed Baklava, Poached Pears and Walnut Praline dessert which Todd Robinson prepared at our last dinner party, so here it is. It's an absolutely superb dish but not as easy to prepare as we first thought. Don't be put off though. If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to be in heaven when you knock this recipe together. All we can say is "Masterchef, eat your heart out!"

Actually, given how delightful Todd's dessert is, we couldn't resist recreating it ourselves tonight. So, in a deviation from the usual format, we've added this non-scheduled, "just because we felt like it" blog entry to document this impromptu dinner amongst just us, the Cooking Your Calendar team.

We thought long and hard about what De Bortoli wine we should team with Todd's dessert, and ultimately decided that the lovely, slightly sweet bubbles of De Bortoli's Pink Moscato would be perfect. The Pink Moscato is a beautiful celebratory wine too, making it a good choice to congratulate ourselves for getting halfway through the De Bortoli calendar without any major cooking disasters!

Like before, Todd's dessert was a mouthwatering mountain of flaky pastry, sweet crunchy praline, warm pears and drippy icecream. And while we're embarrassed to admit it, just like last time, we fought over the last serve. Good thing it was just us this time. As it turns out, it was great to get together amongst ourselves to make plans for the next six months, and have a laugh about the year so far. And, all we want to know, is what happened? Weren't we just celebrating New Years Eve a few weeks ago? Basically, we need to start shopping for Christmas again. A trip to the Hunter Valley anyone?

Crushed Nuts anyone? Stay tuned... in a few days we will announce July's dinner party.

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