Thursday, July 8, 2010

Announcing July

Bring it on!

So July is here and we can't believe we're now half way through the calendar! To mark the midway point De Bortoli kindly sent us another shipment of wine, as you can see in the picture above. This month we are keeping things close to home. Definitely no more trips to the Wild Wild Inner West for us. Instead, on Sunday 18th July, we are simply sauntering across Darlinghurst Road to the beautiful apartment of fellow "Potts Pointilists" and art-lovers, Natasha Nadj, Michael Scheib and their gorgeous two year old daughter Saskia. And for a change we have decided to meet in the late afternoon so we can enjoy the simply jawdropping city view from Natasha and Michael's rooftop terrace. The recipe this month is Melissa De Bortoli's Roasted Rosemary Polenta Chips teamed with the De Bortoli Hunter Valley "Will's Hill" Shiraz. So far, we've had very little success cooking polenta, so the pressure is really on to deliver something impressive. We're also planning to throw in a variety of other "small plate" tapas-style dishes suitable for afternoon drinks. We're not sure what though and are currently workshoppping some ideas. Drew thinks he might try cooking sardine fillets, while Rachel is keen to try baking a full round of baked camembert cheese. Feel free to leave a recipe suggestion because we're still definitely open to ideas. See you on the 18th of July!

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