Thursday, April 29, 2010

Announcing May

from the series HOMEGROUND 2010
Courtesy the artist & Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

So, wow, May has hit us already - and it hit us in a big way since we are all busy juggling one art opening after the other, as well as running this way and that to a silly number of dinners, engagement parties and other do's. Oh, and there’s also that thing known as “paid employment” that gets in the way of our social life. Amongst all of the madness, we are extremely excited about our next De Bortoli dinner on Sunday May 16th. And that’s because this month our guests are the amazingly talented and renowned photographic artist, Anne Zahalka and her equally talented film and television producer husband Ian Collie, together with two of their glamorous friends. For a change of scene, Anne and Ian have kindly offered to host our dinner party at their bed & breakfast in Newtown called Australia Street Guesthouse. Anne tells us she is a big lover of rabbit, so she is very enthusiastic about this month’s recipe Coniglio al Vino Rosse (Rabbit in Red Wine) which Drew and Rachel will be cooking together. In fact, we are turning this month’s dinner into a bit of a special occasion for Anne to celebrate her latest exhibition HOMEGROUND that is being held in a number of different Newtown pubs throughout May. Drew and Daniel even appear in one of Anne's photos set at Newtown pub Zanzi Bar (pictured above). On top of all that, this month's dinner is also an opportunity for Daniel to celebrate his curatorship of a major exhibition of the work of the late Australian artist Arthur McIntyre (1945-2003) at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre and Macquarie University Art Gallery. With these achievements there will certainly be toasts all round with the De Bortoli Melba Reserve. See you on the 16th!


  1. Looking forward to this dinner. I wonder where you'll source the rabbit?

  2. Hi Jenny

    Thanks so much for your ongoing feedback. We are really looking
    forward to this recipe too. It looks and sounds amazing!

    As far as sourcing our rabbits, we have checked with our local butcher
    who says he has rabbit in stock, all year around.

    But we are keen to hear any ideas. So if you live in Sydney and can
    suggest a good supplier we'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Best Rachel (and the team)