Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Announcing March

What image to use this time?
Type Dumplings into Google Images ... and presto!

Difficult to believe that it's March already, but all of a sudden we are planning our third De Bortoli dinner with Pete in the kitchen once again. The recipe this month is Canederli Di Pancetta in Brodo (or Dumplings in Soup which is a lot easier to pronounce...) Sensibly we are holding our March dinner party on a Saturday night this time which means we won't have to front up to work, half asleep the following morning. No more Sunday nights for us, if we can help it! So, the date is set for Saturday 13th March and the venue is Rachel's apartment. Thankfully Rachel has finally had an electrician over to fix the lights in her kitchen and loungeroom, otherwise things would have been really interesting. While we all support Earth Hour and love candlelit dinners, cooking by candlelight for two years is frankly stupid, Rachel. So, thanks go out to sparkies everywhere for making this month possible.

For a change, we have decided to host a smaller, more intimate dinner party inviting Katie Dyer who is Curator and Gallery Manager at the National Art School Gallery and Daniel Joyce who is a Lecturer in International Human Rights Law at the University of New South Wales. As well as her regular gig at the National Art School Gallery, Katie is also curating Primavera this year at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art so she is really going to be earbashed by us wanting to know all about how it is coming along. As Katie is vegetarian Pete will be preparing special vegetarian dumplings for her. But for us carnivores, the pancetta stays. And what a relief for Daniel - all he needs to do again is pick the music and pour the wine! Roll on Saturday 13th March...

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